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parameters setting
chromosome id
font| sizepx| color
SVG container
widthpx| heightpx | color
single chromosome container
widthpx| heightpx| fill
border-widthpx| border-color
widthpx| heightpx| fill
RXpx| RYpx
border-widthpx| border-color
gene lines
color| widthpx| type
gene id
gene_display_type | font|
sizepx| margin
connection between gene id and gene line
width color
gene positon
gene position unit
gene position decimal
show unit of position?
units| widthpx|
position_Xpx N_tick mark|
decimal place| color
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input1: Gene location which includes five fields: 1.gene_id; 2.gene_start; 3.gene_end; 4.chr_id; 5.gene_color. input2: chromosome length which includes two fields: 1.chr_id; 2.chr_length.